Bratislava Overleg Commissie

The one and only Utrecht Hitchhiking Club, founded in 2005, The Netherlands

Or as they say in The Netherlands: De enige echte Utrechtse Liftclub, opgericht in 2005, Nederland. Voor mensen die van liften houden.

The fellowship BOC is always searching for Bratislava*. A committed group of adventurers has a mission t

BOC pictures
Schoonzusje & Dop
Prak on the road
Mak sur le piste

o accomplish. Driven by an untamable desire for Bratislava, they sail out to all the corners of Europe, to fulfill their quest.

The BOC is founded during the winter of 2005. A charming française was lost and isolated in the wild and untouched Slovakian wilderness. After hearing about her situation, the founder of the BOC gathered a group of experienced adventurers. Armed with a strong commitment, a horse on a stick and thermal underwear, these 6 heroes went out east. With their thumbs proudly in the air, they hitchhiked through barren landscapes. After dealing with great perils and frozen limbs they finally arrived in Bratislava, but never stoppd since.

*Bratislava = a sensational experience with new exciting people on a new undiscovered and flabbergasting place somewhere on the globe...or beyond


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